My name is Jason D. Gilmore, I was born in Hillsboro, Oregon. After several years we went from Oregon, to Washington, to California and now I am in Texas where I met my wife.  

I began shooting at very early ages with 35 mm cameras, my first digital camera was a Fuji 1.3MP camera. I loved it, I took it everywhere and shot everything I could.  Photography has always been a passion of mine. 

In 2003 I began shooting professionally with other photographers. I assisted with weddings, and portraits. As time went on I had a great desire to start my own photography business. One day that dream became a reality. 

My wife and I started a photography business in Fort Worth, Texas.  I first started shooting only portraits, but as two months went by, I began getting customers interested in hiring me for their wedding day. This was a big step, but then it took off.  In my first year I was booked every month and shot over 20 weddings myself.  

Photographing weddings is such a beautiful, and special privilege.  The energy of everyone getting ready, the nerves of the bride and groom right before the walk down the aisle, the emotions of the parents watching their little girl walk down the aisle, then making her first step as a married woman. It is an amazing experience and I am thankful so many couples have allowed me to share this day with them.

While weddings was a big part of our business and we still shoot some off and on, our focus has shifted to more commercial and corporate work. It is incredibly enjoyable to help a company whether new or established to create photo and video content they can use to tell their story and inform the public about their brand. 

I have an array of photographers and videographers that assist and help when needed or when I am unavailable. At J & J Studio, you get everything you need for media in one place, rather than seeking different companies for photo and video or even aerial content, we do it all and are passionate about it. 

We are confident you will be satisfied choosing us as your photographers.  J & J Studio has strongly established itself as an all around photographer.  We have been provding photography services for commercial projects, corporate events, fashion shows, fashion designers, promotional events and various other photo shoots.  We have worked with a number of celebrities , fashion designers, as well as companies such as HP, DeLeon Tequila, Cadillac, Loreal, Red Bull and more.

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