Want to learn more about photography and how to properly use your camera?

At J & J Studio we also offer hands on, on location photography classes and workshops for beginners and the more experienced.

Our classes cover areas such as getting to know your camera, using the basic functions, using the manual and priority modes, what exposure settings do and how to use them, shot composition, lighting and more.

If you are asking yourself what half of those terms mean, or you want to expand your knowledge then our classes are for you. 

For more details contact us, below we have some pre-packaged classes.

Lesson A:

Getting to know your camera. We help you understand how to use your new camera, what settings do and the basic functions

$75 for group setting

$100 for one on one

Lesson B:

Move on from the elementary and into the manual and priority modes. We spend roughly 2 hours going over the exposure settings of your camera and how these settings effect the image. We also cover basic shot composition. Then we put these settings into practice.

$100 for group setting

$150 for one on one

Lesson C:

Now that we understand manual and priority modes, we go more in depth into shot compositions, flash lighting, do a manual mode refresher and cover multiple exposure shots such as HDR.

$150 for group setting

$200 for one on one

Lesson D:

For the more experienced photographer looking for more in depth real world training. Depending on the training you desire we set up a shoot and guide you through it. If it is landscape we set a location and spend half a day shooting landscapes and discuss landscape photography settings. If it's fashion, we set up a model and do hands on training, if it is product, etc. We set up the shoot and guide you through it.

$200 group setting

$250 one on one

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